How I work

Are you off work with stress related symptoms? Or feel creeping dread as Sunday evening draws to a close? Need someone to help you get back on track and feel like your old self?

I can help!

This is not counselling, it is not coaching, I’m not going to delve into your childhood or look for some deep buried issues.

Working in Brighton, Hove and surrounding areas I can help you find practical solutions to improve your wellbeing.

I will meet with you and help you take a step back from the stress and begin to understand its causes and how you can regain control.

All meetings take place outdoors (weather permitting) usually on the beach or in a park where we can walk and talk and take advantage of getting some fresh air and a bit of exercise at the same time.

Of course, I can be flexible and we could meet in a coffee shop if you prefer.


I charge £40 for a one hour session.

You can book as we go along.

There is no minimum number of sessions and many people find just one session is enough to get the ball rolling.

About me

Amanda Walderman, 5foot2

Amanda Walderman, 5foot2

My name is Amanda and I have over 15 years experience working in mental health care settings supporting people with anxiety, depression, stress, relationship issues and addiction.

Although I have qualifications in counselling, solution-focused therapy, motivational interviewing and psychotherapy, I prefer an education based approach to empowering people to understand their own thoughts and emotions in order to manage how they impact on their life.

I reflect on my experience managing and working with stressed staff and teams in order to facilitate change and learning related to work place wellbeing.

I can also be hired for team building events, group sessions and well-being in the workplace days, please ask for a tailored package.

Contact me

Do get in touch if you have any questions or want to discuss any issues to do with work-related stress further.
Email me or call me on 07753 443632.